Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014 Quilting Goals

I like the idea of setting goals for yourself. I apply it to other parts of my life and it has helped me focus on the tasks needed to achieve my goals.

I am hoping it will make a difference with my quilting as well.  After working for many years in large organizations and getting bogged down with small p politics and bureaucracy, I now find myself craving a creative outlet, one where I can develop my creative side and also leave a lasting caring legacy.  So here it is, my goal for 2014:

1. 30 quilts for kids.  I have decided to quilt 30 quilts for kids over the next three years (10 per year). This is a project that I want to complete for two reasons. The first is to give something of myself to others. The second, is to hone my quilting skills.  

2.  DONE Sandwich and Quilt (s&q) my step dad's memory quilt. Done

3.  DONE Make a rag quilt that I promised my son in law for his birthday. 

4.  DONE Make a quilt for my sister in law. 

5.  Design a series of modern design quilt sketches representing work and emotions at work.

6.  DONE S&Q quilts for Kasey and Rylee, two little preemies born April 14 and just now able to go home.  Rylee

7.  DONE Make lap quilt for mom.  Done

8.  DONE Set up this blog and 

9.  Blog weekly. 

Wow, that's quite ambitious.  Let's see how I do!  


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