Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mom's quilt finished

We'll another finish for 2014.  I decided to finish mom's quilt before I quilted and finished the preemies day quilt.  

I practiced feathers swirls and circles on the quilt.  I was so proud of myself doing two long columns of feathers, and they look pretty good ...until I took these pictures and burst out laughing - I realized I had quilted the feathers coming off the stem of the largest whimsical feather in opposite directions.  And, I forgot to fill in the surrounding area with a filler.  But my husband liked it. 

Circles were another issue as my machine or needle kept catching on something on the back of the quilt and throwing me off  rhythm. I guess more practice with different threads, materials, and batting will solve that!

Getting used to a new machine is fun. I finally am getting my stitch length closer to 10 per inch without using the stitch regulator. My eyelashes have disappeared.  Don't like how the regulator surges as I move the machine so I am determined to perfect my stitching without using the regulator. 

Here is the front and the back after pinning the binding.  I am pleased with my progress.  My binding is so much more professional than previous quilts.  Here is the back...

I love the Minky backing.  So soft!  

The quilt with an audience (Fuzzbucket my beautiful 28" standard poodle) peering in the window. 

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