Friday, June 13, 2014

I give in...I need to learn the basics of quilt making

Another grand-baby on the way, my step dad's Alzheimer's, and the death of my daughter's mother-in-law to pancreatic cancer stirred in me the desire to be creative and to leave a tangible legacy.  

My love of fabric, sewing, and quilting bubbled to the surface.  But how to begin?  I had purchased a Craftsy class a couple years ago and gave it up due to lack of time and my dislike of structure.  But I decided to check to see if I still had access to it.  

I finally realized that I did need the technical skills required to make beautiful traditional quilts to gain the freedom to make modern quilts. So back to Craftsy, I really didn't believe that a course purchased about three years ago would be waiting for me when I tried to access it. But there it was!  OMG, I love Craftsy!

Since that moment in early 2014 I have gone crazy trying to learn everything I could about quilting.  I won't tell you how many classes I have purchased and watched... Suffice to say I should be classified as a co-owner in Craftsy.   

The first class introduced me to the disappearing 9 patch which I decided to give a try with a small project. It grew...and grew until it was ALMOST queen size.  But I ran out of material!  Ahhhhhh!  So I improvised and although the top is not perfect it is pretty enough to put on my spare bed once it is quilted. (Since I originally posted this I finished quilting it - I think it looks pretty good).  

When my daughter found out that the new baby was going to be a boy and I decided to make a little boy's rag quilt instead of the traditional baby quilt. My thought was that it should be rugged enough that in a year he could haul it around the yard, through the mud if he wanted, and mom could just toss it in the wash.  I made it with bright but non-traditional flannels from  It fits the crib and yet is big and soft enough for a little fellow to enjoy.  

Only one my son-in-law wants one of his own. So that's now on my list for his birthday and of course I had to make a matching small quilt for Scarlet's doll with the left overs.  

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