Friday, June 13, 2014

My step-dad's Alzheimer's and a memory quilt

My step dad has Alzheimer's.  Because he has been a wonderful and supportive Dad to me I wanted to give him something to help him remember his life.  I didn't want to make a photo memory quilt so combined a wonky star with embroidered word describing his life and family members. I did this pre design in Paper from  

 I started with a beautiful set of wonky stars. Subtle but fun.  

I wanted to make the whole quilt in these colours but once again I ran out of material and since I live 200 km from the nearest fabric shop I had to improvise.  I added white sashing with embroidered words and partial borders with left over pieces.  

I love the look.  

Now that the top is done all I have to do is to quilt it.  My idea is to do the following around the wonky star square.  

Not sure about how to handle the smashing that has the embroidered words.  Perhaps circles, wandering stitches, or geometric shapes? Any thoughts? Because I want the quilting to pop I plan to use wool batting and poly thread to quilt it.

We will see how it all pans out.  For the moment it sits.  His birthday is in August so I have some time, albeit not much! All I need is to have a frame for my sweet sixteen or a larger unit. 

Things were about to get better!!!

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