Sunday, April 26, 2015

Organising my works in progress.

Walmart had some great plastic bins on sale so I decided to organise my on the go quilting projects.  These are the quilts that I have made some progress on whether they are just cut or partially pieced. These do not include the charity and guild quilts I have in the go ( one near to being finished on my long-arm). So there are ten of my own projects on the go that I want completed by the end of the year!  Crazy! And of course only the plus quilt and clamshell will be minimally quilted.  

 Got to go back and get some more bins for the others on my list. 

More Plus

Update:  Bound and on my bed.  We slept under it last night and both loved the soft and light feel. 

The little scrap busting  Plus Quilt project is coming along nicely. I am adding a 4 inch black border all the way around or perhaps I will make the top and bottom wider than the sides as I think I still need some length.  As it sits it is 78" square. I would like it 86 square at minimum.   I have a minimalist plan for the quilting as I want it to be more of a long term cuddle quilt than a show piece. Although plain I am surprised at how nice it looks on our bed. 

And it's already got approval!  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Plus Quilt

I have always liked the look of these Plus quilts. So while procrastinating on a whole bunch of things...taxes, leadership article, and housework, as well as waiting to get some more fusible interfacing for my petal quilt I decided to give one a go and stash bust at the same time!

Here is what I have come up with so far.  

Think I will put a small black border on it so it should finish at 84" square. Good enough for a queen size bed. My idea will be to straight line quilt it.  And double bat it. Wish me luck. 

Rugs as quilts

As we were admiring our newest member of the family we were struck by how quilt like our little area rug was.  That started a conversation about how rugs became wall art as did quilts... Of course Cricket had to join the conversation. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Petals, petals

324 petals to be backed with fusible interfacing, ironed, and appliqu├ęd before I can even get to putting the quilt together.... 

Chevron on the bed...very pretty


Now just have to make some pillow shams, oh, and pick some threads! 

Looks kind of funny sitting in the middle of boxes of stuff from the living room and kitchen.  This month we are having the floors and cupboards replaced. Last month we had the bedroom and living room floors replaced and walls all painted. It's going to feel like a new home! In the mean time though we will have to put up with the clutter.  

I am getting to keep the kitchen pull-outs. They are a perfect cutting table height and will provide 14 feet of pull out storage!  So excited! 

By the way thanks to the quilters in the Torquay guild for making me feel so at home in their group. You are a great group of women!   

Happy Easter everyone!  Or is it Christmas!