Monday, September 29, 2014

Trying out hexies

Well last week was one of those weeks where we did nothing but running: doctors and funerals and work trips. So to let down I took a day off work Monday and decided to do some playing in my sewing room. 

I have never done hexies that were not split in pieces (kaleidoscope) before and I don't have patience for a lot of hand sewing so I tried doing them on the sewing machine. I watched a couple great little videos on you-tube and off I went.  It went together very easily. The first row or so I struggled but modified the method to one that works great for me and the rest just fell in place. 

So here is my try at hexies. All cotton (I should have kept the name of the material) I think I will bind it in the red/orange. It measures approx 47x42.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sister in law's quilt

My daughter gave me heck for not posting but I protested I have been busy. Three or so years ago I decided to make a quilt for my sister in law. 

I started by cutting out 500 pieces of material and then it sat there until I finished my step dad's quilt (professional pictures to come) in August just in time for his 83 birthday, and then I started in earnest. 

I didn't want to post anything until I gave her the quilt. I finished it last night.  She is coming today for a visit and it's going to be a surprise. She has no idea it is done or what it's going to look like...  But I think it's safe to show you.  

The quilt is a Sparkler quilt by Freshly Pieced.  I used some of Judi Madsen's ideas for quilting but just did a meandering on the sparklers. I could not believe my luck with the veregated thread I used in the coloured areas, almost a perfect match. I cannot remember whose collection the material is from (when I do I will add to the post). 

Sorry for the quality of pictures,  I just grabbed the old iPad to quickly document my progress.    

She wanted greens, purples, and blues.  I added white to give me the great quilting space.  

She also wanted frogs!  Frogs?  I said no but I did stick a couple (6) in the coloured pattern pieces -one per row.   See, this one is pink!

The thing she will certainly NOT be expecting is how I tried my hand at trapunto and included her name and her three kids on the corners. (Picture before clean up or binding) 

Enough for more quck task to do - putting on my made by tag.