Friday, June 13, 2014

Preemie quilts

My friend Jan's nephew and wife had twin girls April 14.  They were premature, born I believe at about 26" weeks.  They were so tiny!!! 

Jan asked if I ever made quilts for other people.....mmm...not really but I wanted to. I  decided to make the two quilts for the little girls.  Jan was good enough to let me design them myself. I mulled around some ideas and came up with this idea: Night and Day quilts - giving them each a different personality.  (Note- I just about got the names wrong!)

With twin cats on the back. 

Without any pattern or any real clue how to do impromptu quilts I just jumped in and started cutting material.  The two are similar and yet very different. Most of the material was from my stash.  

Now it's time to quilt them..  I have plans for the Night quilt with swirling wind  (the grey squiggles) and moon glow.  

I read somewhere that you should listen to your quilts to determine the quilting style and motifs.  Well, the Night quilt spoke loudly to me but the Day quilt mumbled... Still working on the design.    

 I will post pictures once they are done.

July 7:  While I think I have some tweaking to do on the night quilt it is starting to come together nicely. I have been machine quilting it in manual mode (not stitch regulated). Biggest learning: I have learned that I need to slow the motion of the machine head down or speed up the needle to get a better length of stitch.  Some of these are way too long.   Here are the pictures (photos are not the best) so far:


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