Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ben's Rag quilt

Remember that baby rag quilt and my promise to make my son-in-law a similar one for his birthday... Well his birthday was in March.  I finally finished it in June ( post note...I finally sent it to him in July!).  

I had trouble finding the colour flannel (green) that he wanted and so bought a whole bunch of green flannels and flannelette fabrics trying to find that right look.  It was not until I went to the local quilt show that I found just the right selection of greens and browns.  I cut the fabric into 8" squares and used a high loft poly batting. The top is made out of greens and browns while the backing is different shades of brown.  The quilt measures 44 x 52, a little smaller than I wanted but I ran out of material so it will have to do. I think it has a real masculine look to it. It's a bit stiff right now but I am hoping that with a few more washings and clippings it will turn out to be the rag quilt he wanted.  

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