Monday, July 20, 2015

What a weekend! Dye or die! Or both...I am wiped!

 I was supposed to teach a little class on dying material.. We could not find enough participants so the class was cancelled but my daughter and I decided to have a long 4 day weekend devoted to fabric dying. She wanted to make baby wraps and I wanted to add to my knowledge of dying techniques.  So we got together...what a weekend!  She has the art background and eye and I have the fabric (sewing and quilting) knowledge.  

We used Procion and Dylon dyes on two types of fabric..cotton and Osnaburg. I have never used Dylon dye or sewn with Osnaburg material.  She wanted to try immersion dyng and I had never tried that (two methods...adding water to a dye bath or raising the material out of a dye solution an inch at a time).   I introduced her to shibori and other similar techniques.  Here are some of the beautiful pieces she produced. 

Immersion dying:  purples to orange - Dylon dyes on natural Osnaburg fabric.  

Huge chunk of Osnaburg immersed in blue dye and then shibori dyed with black/grey.   Approx 15 feet.  

A large piece twisted, tied, and dyed.. 102 inches.

By the end of the weekend she had also sewn three baby carriers.  

This little guy will be out of this before you know it..good thing she made some bigger versions. 

Over the weekend we had done immersion, shibori, tie-dye, shaving cream dying, scrunch dying and a little sun dye (Oh and a little painting and clay modelling). 

Mine seem petty compared with my daughter's as I was just doing more experiments with dying on cotton... Nothing super exciting....( I love Melody Johnsons techniques so was trying to replicate some of her vibrant colours.).  Another post maybe..

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  1. That is quite impressive, it looks complicated but, oh so beautiful!!