Monday, July 20, 2015

A kick starter....self binding receiving blankets

Boy am I behind in my posts.  I cannot believe it.  I started this post July 20th more than a month ago.  

Seems like I have been swamped, preparing wedding quilt signature blocks, visiting, piecing several of my projects on the go, worrying about my hubby's hip, and worrying about oil prices.  At one point I felt so disjointed that I just had to do a little project to kick start me..a quick win so to speak! 

Because my girlfriend's daughter is having a baby and one of the ladies at work was also pregnant I thought I would learn how to do self binding receiving blankets for quick gifts and to increase my skills. Missouri Star Quilt company has a great little video showing how to do this with little stress.... Hey just what I needed!  

Turns out the process is easy and fun and literally takes about 1/2 hour. Here is my first try:  
Aren't they cute! I think I will do a couple more just to have on hand for small gifts. 

And the project did exactly what I wanted ... Kicked started me... Back in the grove.  

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