Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rhydian's quilt

I had great fun making this little quilt for my girlfriend's grandson.  I am really quite pleased with how it turned out.  

It was, once again, an adventure designing this little boy's quilt as I changed it out several times before I was satisfied with the design. It started out as a jelly roll strip quilt.  I didn't think that was boyish enough so I added some trains and cars...but I hated it. The idea was ok but the colours a little too busy and the appliqué was terrible. Here it is.....

I set it aside for a while and then cut it up into circles.  Those then sat on my design wall for a week or so before thinking about the idea of having little cars run around strip quilt worlds.  Each one carries a letter of his name or day, month, year of his birth. 

My hope is that it grows old and scraggly with loving use. Welcome to the world Rhydian!  


  1. I have never seen a quilt like this. It is fresh, fun and oh so cute. I admire how neatly it is quilted. Terrific workmanship!!!!

    1. Thank you Preeti! The idea can out of desperation as I was not happy with my first attempt. I guess that's often the way it happens and I am quite happy with how it turned out. Now I just hope the white does not scare them off from using it.