Friday, February 13, 2015

Second finish for 2015: Jason's quilt.

Another tumbler!  Can't believe it, after all the planning and worrying about making the perfect quilt for my son, turns out he loved the little tumbler lap quilt that I made for his partner the best. And so off we went to the store.  I let him pick the material and colours and we put together an awful looking little quilt. I was beginning to think that he or a quilt with his name on it was jinxed. After all this was my fourth try at a quilt for him.  So we scrapped that should see my scrap bin now! 

He finally said just make me one like my friend's in browns, greens and with some bright orangy accents.  Part way through the sewing I realized that the rows were out of order changing the colour arrangement that I had spent hours placing. But in the end I came up with this ...

It is so so soft.  I almost don't want to give it to him!  

Actually the picture does not do it justice as it looks sort of like a jewel, the gold leaf pattern I used to quilt it adds to that illusion. It's an odd colour combo but I quite like it.  Hubby likes it too. 

It measures about 55x65 unbound.  I used a washable wool batting to keep it light but warm. The backing is a black plush material that is super snugly.  It's finally bound and ready to send!  

And just think about all that scrap I have to make another quilt. 

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