Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday at home

My work is taking me away from home at least two days a week these days.  The one thing I hate is to come home after a 200km drive and then have to think about whats for supper.  So I thought I would get in front of things and prepare some freezer meals.  I made chili, Spanish chicken (omg so good!) ,

chicken soup, apple crisp with loads of cinnamon on top (can't you imagine whipped cream or vanilla ice cream melting in pools on the top),  


bumble berry pie,

 and corn and bacon quiche (a personal favourite), 


to go with the veggie soup already frozen.  So now we are set with about 11 single meals and 14 or more double meals. And dessert to boot!  

And between dishes I fooled around with some tumbler shapes, cutting them up and stitching them together in different ways (so much for the size of my baby quilt - not sure what it will turn into. ) but it has been fun. 


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  1. Sandi, I adore your tumbler quilt and your culinary expertise. I can burn boiling water BUT I can piece and quilt. :)).
    ~ Christina in Cleveland