Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sister in law's quilt

My daughter gave me heck for not posting but I protested I have been busy. Three or so years ago I decided to make a quilt for my sister in law. 

I started by cutting out 500 pieces of material and then it sat there until I finished my step dad's quilt (professional pictures to come) in August just in time for his 83 birthday, and then I started in earnest. 

I didn't want to post anything until I gave her the quilt. I finished it last night.  She is coming today for a visit and it's going to be a surprise. She has no idea it is done or what it's going to look like...  But I think it's safe to show you.  

The quilt is a Sparkler quilt by Freshly Pieced.  I used some of Judi Madsen's ideas for quilting but just did a meandering on the sparklers. I could not believe my luck with the veregated thread I used in the coloured areas, almost a perfect match. I cannot remember whose collection the material is from (when I do I will add to the post). 

Sorry for the quality of pictures,  I just grabbed the old iPad to quickly document my progress.    

She wanted greens, purples, and blues.  I added white to give me the great quilting space.  

She also wanted frogs!  Frogs?  I said no but I did stick a couple (6) in the coloured pattern pieces -one per row.   See, this one is pink!

The thing she will certainly NOT be expecting is how I tried my hand at trapunto and included her name and her three kids on the corners. (Picture before clean up or binding) 

Enough for more quck task to do - putting on my made by tag.

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