Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 goals

Holy cow, I can't believe I missed publishing my goals for 2015. Oh well better late than never and besides they have shifted ever so slightly from my January version. 

This year I am concentrating on building skills building and quilting 12 quilts(mix of lap, full, and queen). 
1. FMQ feathers
2. Circles 
3. Curves -(2) double wedding ring, orange peel
4. Appliqué portraits (2)
5. Hexagon (1) 
6. Kaleidoscope 
7. Improvisational 
8. FMQ geometric designs
9. Scrap quilt - colour study
10. Green leMoyne quilt
11. My own abstract quilts (2 designed)

Start quilting for others

Continue blogging 4 times per month

Make and Quilt charity/give away quilts (with learning goal in each) (30 in 3 years)

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